Holster wear

Holster wear


The intent of this article is to help clarify what our products are designed for. Firearms and accessories are tools of survival. They should be treated with respect and handled safely. Your safety and the safety of those around you is our top priority. 

  Our holsters are designed to hold firearms with a secure fit and proper retention so that you have the confidence to carry concealed in precarious situations. With that in mind, the holsters need to touch your firearm in several places to reduce or eliminate a loose fit and establish a good level of retention. The fit of our holsters may cause some wear marks on your pistol. This will typically occur at the top of the slide on each side of the sight, on each side of the slide and possibly on the weapon mounted light if applicable. If your firearm has a soft finish, there is a possibility that the holster will wear or scratch that finish more than normal. 

  We suggest keeping your holsters clean and free of dust and debris to reduce the amount of wear that dirt and debris might cause. If holster wear is a significant concern to you on your firearm, we suggest you keep your pistol in a lockable case or in a gun safe and not in our holster. 

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