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USPSA and IPSC Magazine Gauges

 Attention competitive shooters!  Don't be disqualified for using the wrong magazine in your competition pistol.  Instead of guessing if your magazine meets competition requirements or paying too much for the official USPSA or ISPC metal magazine gauge, check out this 3D-printed model.  This gauge is 3D printed from PETG polymer in 4 colors; lighter, more visible and less expensive than the steel gauges offered by the sanctioning bodies.  Proudly made in and shipped from the USA.   Get your here: 3D-printed USPSA or IPSC magazine gauge     Available in a variety of colors and 2 models (order 2 different colors so you know which gauge is for which rules at a glance) this is a great addition to your range bag.  Pair it up with a Four Brothers Competition Holster for your favorite pistol and you...

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Updated Holster Retention Information

Holster retention serves as a crucial element in the safe and comfortable handling of firearms. It not only ensures that your weapon remains securely in place but also facilitates easy access when needed. Understanding the intricacies of adjusting holster retention, particularly for light-bearing and non-light-bearing firearms, is fundamental for responsible firearm owners. Start by adhering to strict safety protocols: ensure the firearm is unloaded and devoid of any ammunition.

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