The Four Brothers Story

How it all began:

In 2015 I wanted a 3-gun competition rig for a newly purchased firearm, a Para 1640. After shopping around, I found that acquiring the exact gear I wanted was extremely difficult. I searched high and low on the internet and I could not find anyone to make what I wanted locally either. A close friend and fellow shooter suggested I make my own gear, so I decided I would try it. I built what is called a “Coffee Bum” Foam press, bought a Toaster oven, and studied as much information as I could find about thermoplastic forming. In the end, I was successful with my build and started using my homemade gear at the range. Several of my friends saw the gear I built and started asking me to make them holsters and magazine carriers. I often joke with my buddy, blaming this whole endeavor on him suggesting I just “build my own.” I will always appreciate his encouragement.

Our name:

The name Four Brothers has two main purposes. First, it is my way of showing respect to my deceased brother, and second, reflecting on the company values of family, service, and integrity. I and my two remaining brothers are best friends and make up the board of advisors for the business.   

I thought long and hard about the name but never could nail down the logo. While reloading 9mm in my basement sometime in 2018, my youngest brother and I were discussing the name I had selected and why I thought it fit the values I wanted to build the company around and he quickly designed the logo on a post-it note

In 2019, with a wonderful woman encouraging me to take it to the next level, I created an LLC and launched the website, Pulling from over 25 years in the manufacturing industry, I designed a small, lean manufacturing process in a 700-square-foot portion of the basement of my home. I was fortunate to have friends in good places willing to order from us and get our gear on store shelves and in the hands of their friends and family. In January 2021, I hired my first employee, which was the beginning of a real journey of growth. In November of 2021, with a team of 4, Four Brothers moved to a new, 1,440-square-foot facility. In August of 2023, we moved to a larger facility with a total of 11,690 square feet. What started in a basement with a 6-foot ceiling and a dream has now become an S-Corp in a 12,000-square-foot facility with several employees and thousands of customers all across the world. I still can’t believe it some days.

From the very start of this adventure, Four Brothers’ mission has been to serve people with honesty and integrity. We value people over profit, and it is shown in our actions every day.

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