Arex Delta Gen 2 L First Impressions

We asked Branson to take the new Arex Delta Gen 2 L out for some range testing over the past weekend. This is a new platform for us to support in the shop and we wanted to know how well the gun handled and if it would run reliably. I didn't realize he would bring his other two guns with him. (Those would be his arms)

We are happy to report the Arex balances well, points as expected and shot 124 grain CCI ammunition without any failures. Trigger take up is a little long. Trigger creep is next to nothing and there is a solid wall. Trigger Break is crisp and over travel is acceptable. The reset on this trigger is somewhat impressive. Overall, I am betting a few hundred rounds through this pistol will improve the trigger ever so slightly and it will become one of our favorite handguns.

We did not do any accuracy testing, just holster and general shooting with the time we had. More gunpowder therapy to come.


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