Competition Holster Attachments

Be Ready When the Competition Starts

Shooting is a sport; sports require equipment.  First, you need to know if there are rules for the type of competition you are entering.  Other than your local range shooting competitions, many of whom don't have many steadfast holster requirements other than you start from a holstered position, two of the most popular are the IDPA and USPSA.  

Do you have the right equipment? 

 There are several factors to consider when selecting a holster for a competition:  Security, Quick Access, Adaptability, Comfort, and Durability.


No matter the situation you are in while wearing your firearm, keeping it secure should be your priority.  Not only is your pistol falling out of the holster a blatant rule violation during competition, but it is also dangerous and may cause damage to your firearm.  Your firearm is not only sporting equipment, it is a hard-earned investment in your personal security.

Quick Access

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast, but if you are having trouble accessing your pistol on the draw, you just put yourself behind the other competitors before you even begin.  


A holster with adjustable cant and retention is important because everyone's body shape is different, affecting wear position and draw angle. 


If your holster digs into your side or feels loose on your belt it could throw off your concentration for the perfect aim.  


You spent hard-earned cash on your personal firearm, you deserve a holster of equal measure.  4Bros Holsters are vacuum formed in-house from .80" thermoplastic for durability.  

4BROS Competition holsters are made to fit specific pistols in a wide variety of models with and without lights.  We have found the Blade-Tech Duty Drop and Offset belt attachment with or without the thigh strap to be one of the best holster attachments in the industry at a reasonable price.  However, if you want to shoot serious competition you may want to consider the BOSS Hanger or the Turbo Drop.
Please see below for pictures of each belt attachment that we prefer. 
Duty Drop and Offset w/o Thigh Strap click here to order
Duty Drop and Offset w/Thigh Strap click here to order

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