"Caught with your pants down"

Caught with your pants down

   We are frequently asked about "sidecar" holsters and if we will produce them. We have explored this option several times in the past and even stuck our toe in the water with our Polymer80 P940C and APLc light combo. To date, these types of holsters are not something we have chosen to focus on. They require a unique set of molds and jigs and take roughly twice the amount of time to manufacture as our standard taco style holsters. 

   I am sure you noticed the picture of the blog, and although rather unique in nature, it brings a message from us to you. We have a solid solution to offer regarding appendix carry with an extra magazine, and we are willing to bear all to show you why we carry this way. With a solid belt, carrying any of our IWB holsters with a Modwing and a separate IWB magazine carrier will allow you to carry in the appendix position and keep your gear in place during some of you most vulnerable moments, thus keeping you from getting "caught with your pants down". 

   We may add more Appendix & Mag style holsters in the future, but for now you can find us and many of our customers staying safe with a separate mag pouch and holster that doesn't need to be removed from your belt when doing your personal business.   


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