Handcuff and Mag Carrier Instructions

We have been taught a few tricks for proper use of the cuff and mag carrier and wanted to pass those tricks along to you. 

After receiving your cuff and mag carrier you will want to adjust the cuff and magazine retention to your liking. Please be sure to always place the cuffs "thick bands" towards the magazine. The screw to the right of the cuffs is the retention adjustment. 

Remember, it is never a race to re-holster! Make sure your gear is re-holstered correctly so you are ready for the next race. 

Handcuff Placement and retention

Our cuffs come with a Magazine Retention Device, or MRD for short. The MRD will allow you to tune the cuff carrier to almost any double stack 9mm or 40 S&W magazine on the market as well as some of the smaller compact carry pistols like the P365 and Glock 43. 


After adjusting the retention, we suggest using the following steps to use your mag and cuff carrier.

First, insert your middle and ring finger in the cuffs as shown below.


Second, place your thumb on the top of the magazine. 


Finally, push down with your thumb while pulling up with your hand. The cuffs should pop out quickly with some effort. 

Remember, thick bands towards the magazine. 

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