Inside Waistband Belt (or No Belt) Attachments

The purpose of this blog post is to provide an explanation of the different types of belt and beltless holster attachments that we use on our holsters and accessories. 

FOMI Clip 


FOMI, short for Fold Over Mold Injected Clip, is by far the most popular option we have. The clip is injection molded out of a very durable and slightly flexible plastic that gives it the perfect balance of strength and durability. It typically comes in two belt width offerings, 1.5" and 1.75". To attach the clip to your waist, you insert the holster inside your pants and push the clip over the outside of your belt. The reverse tab on the inside of the FOMI clip will hold on to the bottom side of your belt. To remove, you simply pull out on the FOMI clip and slide it up off of your belt. There are several different variants of the FOMI clip on the market. Visually, they look the same and they probably work just fine. 



Our IWB Loops feature true PULL-THE-DOT hardware and utilize Biothane Super Flex 3/4" Granite® Black coated webbing. The loops are capable of being attached to belts that are 1.25, 1.5" and 1.75" wide. To install, you slip the holster inside your waistband while running the loops between the outside of your pants and the inside of your belt. Once you have the holster in place, you fold the loops up around the belt and snap the loop back to the holster. Using this belt attachment takes a little more effort to attach and remove the holster to the belt. Once installed, the loops offer a very secure, yet flexible attachment point for the holster. There are also other variants of soft loops, some of which use flexible plastic and leather for the loop material. 

RCS Overhooks


RCS Tuckable Overhook struts are 3/4" wide, 3 1/2" long and made for 1.5" and 1.75" belts. They are injection molded and designed to easily snap over even thick gun belts.  They hold very secure on the belt, yet they easily release when you need to remove them. The major advantage of the tuckable overhook is that you can tuck your shirt in between the strut and your holster. 

There are three attachment points on the leg of the strut spaced 15mm apart center to center.  The middle attachment point is a slot and allows the strut to be rotated roughly 10 degrees for cant adjustment in either direction.



 We use several different versions of the Ulticlip, depending on the product you purchase. Functionally, they all work the same. It is an assembly of stamped, heat treated 1075 Spring Steel with a black oxide finish that works extremely well for beltless carry. The lever on the face of the Ulticlip is lifted, which releases pressure on the inside of the clip allowing space for fabric such as nylon, denim, yoga pants, your Dad's fruit-of-the-loom or your gym shorts to slide in. Once in place, the front lever is closed and the Ulticlip pinches the material and holds the holster in position on your waist. It also works really well behind a belt. 

Here is a good visual on how the Ulticlip works.


Concealment Wing

The Concealment Wing, or ModWing, is a plastic assembly attached to the holster that applies pressure to the inside of your belt and, in turn, pushes the butt of the gun closer to your body. The closer the butt of the pistol is to you, the less the profile will be shown under a t-shirt or other garment. This is called "printing" in the holster world. The concealment wing we use has two different inserts included that allow you to tailor the amount of pressure it puts against the inside of the belt, tuning the holster to what is most comfortable for you. It is available in two versions, standard and light-bearing. The added point of contact also improves the stability of the holster inside your waist.