Sig Sauer P320 Gas Pedal Competition Holster

Here is the story behind this holster and an example of the work we do behind the scenes to bring our products to market.

Our goal was simple. We wanted to offer a holster to fit the P320 X-Five and all variants of the P320 with a Gas Pedal that didn't flop or move when we pulled the pistol in competition and yet still had the right amount of retention to let us run, jump and slide with the pistol on our side. It had to clear all variants of pistol mounted optics that are typically used on the P320 platform, including the Trijicon SRO.

We tried a several belt attachments and decided on the Blade Tech Duty Drop because the thigh strap actually feeds through the duty drop and not between the holster and the mount. We like the material equally as well as the Safariland duty drop, so we will offer both. We added a thigh strap that has both rubberized material in the strap to keep the strap in place on the thigh as well as a small portion of flexible material to allow the strap to move with the shooters body. We tried several good quality straps, and we like this one the best. Of course, we used the same quality threaded posts with rubber washers and high quality screws. We added removeable thread locker to all of the screws so nothing is coming undone after we set the retention, which is standard practice for all Four Brothers Holsters.

The end result is most likely the best holster we have made. The gun slides in the holster smoothly with little resistance from the thermoplastic and clicks with authority to let us know the gun is in place and ready to go for a ride. Unholstering takes the perfect amount of effort, which is hard to describe in words. It just feels good.

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