Revision 3 Molle Adapter Install w/ Blackhawk Taser 7

The following instructions are intended to help you install our Revision 3 Molle Adapter to your Blackhawk Taser 7 holster on your own. If you need further guidance, please email us and we will help you as quickly as possible.

Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster

You will need a Phillips Screw Driver, 1/8 Allen wrench, Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster and our Molle Adapter to complete the installation. 

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter

 Remove the contents of the Molle Adapter Packaging 

Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster

Remove the Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster from the package

Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster

Open the Blackhawk Belt Attachment and verify the screws match the above picture. Blackhawk has updated their holster to use 10-32 screws, where as the older models used 8-32 screws. (No worries, our adapter works with both)

Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster Attachment Removed

Remove the original belt attachment and set it and the screws aside. 

Blackhawk Taser 7 Holster Molle Adapter Placement

Set the 4Bros Molle Adapter on the holster with the threaded posts aligned with the chamfered holes on the adapter as shown

4Bros Molle Adapter screws

Grab the three 10-32 Flat Head Cap Screws from the Molle Adapter kit

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter placement

Insert the 10-32 Flat Head Cap Screws in the chamfered holes and start the threads with the 1/8 Allen wrench as shown. 

 4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter screws

Tighten the 10-32 Flat Head Screws lightly until all three are inserted, then check fit. We recommend adding threadlocker to the screws one at a time after verifying fit at this stage. Removeable Loctite 242 threadlocker is our preferred brand. Make sure the screws are good and tight before proceeding to the next step. 

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter Installed

All three screw heads should be recessed from the surface of the adapter slightly. Please double check to make sure the correct screws have been used and they are tight. 

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter

Locate the 5/16 long 8-32 Flat Head Cap Screws and one Molle Attachment. 

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter

Align the top hole of the molle attachment with the top hole of the 4Bros Molle Adapter plate and start the 5/16 long 8-32 screw in the threaded post.

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter Install

Tighten the top screw lightly with a screw driver. Do not overtighten the screw, you will come back to tighten them in a few steps.

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter Install

Add two more 5/16" long 8-32 Flat Head Cap Screws to the Molle Attachment as shown and tighten the screws lightly.

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter Install

Repeat the installation of the screws to the second adapter as shown. After the fit of each Molle attachment has been verified, remove each screw one at a time and add removeable Loctite threadlocker to each screw. 

Loctite 242

4Bros Blackhawk Molle Adapter Completed

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Molle Adapter. Please double check your screws frequently to make sure they remain tight and your gear is secured. 

We are not responsible for incorrect installation. We are ALWAYS available for installation guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions.

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