Blade-Tech X26 & Taser 7 Holster Molle Adapter Instructions

The following instructions are intended to help you install our Molle Adapter to your Blade-Tech X26 or Taser 7 holster on your own. If you need further guidance, please email us and we will help you as quickly as possible.

You will need a Phillips Screw Driver, 5/32 Allen Wrench, Blade-Tech X26 or Taser 7 Holster and our Molle Adapter to complete the installation. 

1. Remove existing Tek-Lok belt attachment.

2. Remove contents from 4Bros Molle Adaptor bag. You will have 6 screws and three hard spacers with the adaptor itself. You will need to use the 1/8 hard spacers and 1/2 flat head Philips screws for this installation. 

3. Before installing the Molle Adapter to the Blade-Tech X26 or X7 holster, the two center Phillips screws and threaded posts will need moved from the center position up to the second position. 

4. This pictures shows the correct position of the screws and posts. The Molle Adapter is now ready to be installed. 

5.  Spacers are required for offsetting the adaptor from the holster to provide clearance for the threaded posts on the back of the adaptor.  For straight draw, the spacers need to be orientated as shown below. For cant, the Molle Adapter can be rotated to use any of the holes in the bolt circle. 

6. You will reuse the Allen screw for the center hole in the Molle Adapter. The easiest way to install the screws and spacers is to stand the Molle Adapter up and insert the Allen screw in the center and the 1/2" flat head Phillips screws in the outside two holes and then place the spacers on the screws as shown. 

7. Stand the Holster up as shown and start the Allen screw in the center hole. Do not tighten it down completely. Start the Phillips screws in the corresponding holes, including your cant adjustment if desired. Take you time, this is the hardest step of the installation. 

8. Once all three screws are started, lay the holster down flat and tighten all them down. Please double check all three screws to ensure they are tight. Close each Molle Lok and make sure they lock closed correctly. 

Your Holster and Molle Adapter are ready for use. 

We are not responsible for incorrect installation. We are ALWAYS available for installation guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions. 

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