OWB Belt Attachments Explained

   We realize that not everyone knows the difference between a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok belt attachment and a Talon Retention Systems belt slide and that some may be unfamiliar with many of the holster belt attachment options available today. That being understood, the purpose of this document is to provide our customers with a brief explanation of each attachment we currently offer. 

   All of the attachments explained below mount on the inside of our taco style holsters with threaded posts and screws secured with removable thread locker, also known as Loctite. 


Blade-Tech Tek-Lok

This is a Clamshell style adjustable belt width attachment with a secondary locking feature. It fits belt widths from 1 ½” to 2” by way of adjustable and removable inserts within the clamshell design. 

Blade-Tech Adjustable Paddle 

The paddle attachment is a wide platform that rides on the hip with significant stability. The design of the paddle keeps your pistol close to the body with minimal firearm printing for an outside waistband holster. The paddle is adjustable for belts from 1 ¼” wide to 2” wide. We find this paddle is extremely comfortable and enjoy wearing it all day. 

Blade-Tech Adjustable StingRay Loop 

The Adjustable Stingray Belt Loop offers stability on the outside of the waistband while keeping your pistol close to the body. The Stingray has an internal shim similar to the Tek-Lok attachment that allows adjustment to fit belts up to 2” wide. 

Talon Retention Systems Belt Slide 

The Talon Retention Systems Belt Slide Universal Outside Waistband Belt Slide Attachment is capable of being mounted on 1 ½” or 1 ¾” belt widths with no needed adjustments to make the transition. A universal mounting system allows user to adjust the holster angle of taco style holsters by way of mounting hole locations on the slide.  


  • Jason Pine

    Gene, reach out to us through the contact us section of the website and we will help with your questions.

  • Gene Harris

    Jason Pine sent me a link explaining the different styles of belt retention devices for holsters and mag pouches. I have a follow up question. How do your mag pouches securely fit double stack mags and single stack. I am looking at the pancake holster for a G43 and mag pouch to go with, 9mm and 40s&w dual mag holster.

  • Gene Harris

    this helped a bunch, I am a long time gun owner who hasnt kept up with all the latest developments. I have holsters I have used and liked for years because they work. Need a holster for a new pistol and a friend highly recommended your company so I will be making an order.

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