UltiClip Slim 2.2

UltiClip Slim 2.2
UltiClip Slim 2.2

The UltiClip Slim 2.2 is slightly over 1/2″ wide and only 2.2″ long making it’s ideal for smaller applications while still providing great retention.  The single slotted mounting area allows for two screws to prevent the clip from rotating.



  • Built for belt-less carry
  • 100% American Made
  • Military Grade Black Oxide Finish
  • Heat Treated to RC 42-49
  • C-1075 Spring Steel
  • Wax/Oil Treated Steel – aids in smooth operation & rust inhibitor
  • Minimum Profile, Maximum Concealment
  • Single Slotted Mounting Bracket
  • Size: 2.2″ x .60″
  • Weight: .54 oz.

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UltiClip Slim 2.2

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