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Social Media Article about Holsters

Before you read the article, you need to understand that we did not write this. We read it on a Social Media page we follow where the user posted his thoughts anonymously. We agree with the information and thought it would be helpful to those who visit our Blog.

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Quick Holster Retention Adjustment

Holster retention is a personal preference and can be impacted by body type, belt type, and location of carry. All of our holsters come with adjustable retention so that our customers can adjust the holster to their personal preferences. We have strict standards on the manufacturing floor that require each holster to be tested with the real pistol and light prior to being shipped, and we set the retention to pass a shake test with an unloaded firearm. By shake test, we mean we set the retention on the holster tight enough so that the holstered pistol can be inverted and shaken lightly and the pistol will not fall out. Upon receipt, you may decide to back of the retention to your preferred level.  The following...

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